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Project Status

Yashwin Anand A Bldg. @ Sus - Baner Rd.
A BLdg. External Plaster 8th floor complete, 9th floor WIP. BBM
10th floor complete for 2BHK. 5th floor complere, 6th floor
WIP, RCC 11th slab casting complete. OHWT bottom slab
casting complete. POP 3rd floor complete, 5th floor WIP
Bathroo, door fra,e 8th floor complete.

Dt. 04.05.2018

Yashwin Anand B Bldg. @ Sus - Baner Rd.
B Bldg. External plaster inprogress, Waterproofing 7th floor,
Floor Wall tiles, 3rd floor and gypsum 10th floor work in prpgress

Dt. 03.05.2018
Yashwin Anand C Bldg. @ Sus - Baner Rd.
C Bldg. RCC Brickwork are completed , Gypsum 6th
floor, Waterproofing 4th floor work in progress.
External plaster work in progress
Dt. 03.05.2018
Yashwin Anand D Bldg. @ Sus - Baner Rd.
D Bldg. External plaster in progress, Waterproofing
7th floor, wall tiles 3rd floor and Gypsum 10th floo
work in progress.

Dt. 03.054.2018