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Events - Year 2010

Astagandh Phase I @ Baner : Dated 12-5-10

Event 2010

Astagandh Phase I @ Baner, ready for possesion

Tree Plantation by Miss Janhavi Dharmadhakari @ Astagandh Phase I

Event 2010

Hi Friends,

This Sunday i.e. on 18th of April at one of our projects Ashtagandh@ baner, we tried a concept about tree plantation which got over helming responce,so thought of sharing the same with u.We all know that PMC has its rules about plantation & per 80sq m of plot area we have to plant a tree for getting completion. At our this project we were supposed to plant nearly 12 trees by rule ,where as we have planted nearly 20 trees  such as jamun, nem, aamal,bakul, aapta & we planted it through the hands of flat holder s of the project as well landlords.

We have made the name plates of them along the tree & asked them that they will be the care taker of the tree which they have planted for ever! The event went very nice & nearly all the flat holder s have turned up with their families & planted the trees around the building with the assuerence of they will act as care taker of the tree!

Friends, no pleasure than to watch a tree growing along with your stay in your home & we need to make the end user more & more involved & not only awaer about his rule in saving as well conserving the big trees. And as a developer I think its our responsibility to maintain the balance of trees & concrete, at the same time its every bodies responsibility that we are following our responsibility :)

ending along some moments...

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